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Hire, Train and Deploy - SBCS

Train Deploy – A recipe for bridging the demand-supply gap today!

What is the HTD model?

Hire, Train, and Deploy is a service that is based on the exact skill set required by companies. HTD service providers train the resources and deploy them with the clients once the training is over. Companies save a lot of time and cost through this model and get resources with the exact skill set for their projects.

The HTD Process

Hire, Train and Deploy | Maintec

Need for Hire Train and Deploy (HTD)? 

HTD is the model for future hiring. The technology industry is facing a huge talent crunch across industries and to mitigate the huge demand-supply gap, and need for niche skills, HTD is the solution. Companies are inclined to hire candidates with specialized skills and have adopted HTD programs to fulfill their critical hiring needs. The model is well suited to the changing needs of the businesses at a shorter TAT


Our client, a leading consulting firm in India provides services in the offering areas of Strategy, Analytics and M&A, Customer and Marketing, Core Business Operations, Human Capital, and Enterprise Technology and Performance. They wanted to start the project with 20 plug-and-play resources in SAP Security with multi-module expertise in a short duration for their critical projects. 


  • Fulfillment was a challenge as SAP security candidates with expertise in Fiori, HANA, and BW security skill is in high demand in the market.
  • Limited talent pool available for the skill with high notice period.
  • Volatile & dynamic market as candidates have multiple options


  • Provided technically evaluated candidates to improve the selection ratio in closing the positions with the base skill identified.
  • Trained resources who had basic understanding and exposure to SAP security concepts with analytical who had 3-5 years of experience in SAP Basis.
  • Expertise in executing HTD programs along with state of art lab facility, LMS tool access, and training curriculum provided scalable and sustainable training to upskill the candidates in 3 weeks.
  • Facilitated better monitoring of the performance of candidates while training (Weekly interactive session with the associates and client Panel on the progress) to ensure quality & address gaps.
  • Successfully onboarded 20 resources in 45 days (including client technical interview and 3 weeks of training)


  • Multiple skill trained resources as per the project need (can be a good asset in a long run)
  • Cost-effective, reduced hiring TAT by 40%, scalable & sustainable Model 
  • Hiring timelines are reduced by placing trained and skilled resources into the projects at a shorter notice compared to hiring a resource from the market with 90 days’ notice. 

Value addition from TeamLease Digital

  • TeamLease provides a modular multi-modal classroom model of learning that works across multiple classrooms - Online, Onsite, On-Job, and Virtual for HTD programs 
  • Inhouse trainer pool of more than 300+ trainers across skills sets
  • One-stop solution for aiding Hiring, Upskilling, and Reskilling programs across companies 
  • Adept to the changing skill sets and learning and development suited to the business environment.

Hire -> Train -> Deploy


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