How To Become A SAP Consultant
Vartika Srivastava

Fri, 28 Apr 2023

SAP is an acronym for System, Application, and Products in the context of Data Processing. The SAP system consists of a number of fully integrated modules that covers every aspect of business management virtually.

Who is a SAP consultant?

A SAP consultant is concerned with implementing and customizing SAP solution softwares for businesses. They work closely with clients to determine their requirements before designing and putting those solutions into action. In addition to configuring, testing, and implementing SAP software, SAP consultants are also in charge of giving end users support and training. They might also make suggestions for process enhancements and best practices to assist businesses get the most out of SAP software. In SAP software domains like finance, supply chain management, human resources, or customer relationship management, SAP consultants may be experts. A SAP consultant also gets a good salary package and has become a popular career option for both, male and female. 

What does a SAP consultant do?

A SAP consultant is supposed to perform a number of tasks related to implementation and customization of software. Let us look at some of the key roles and responsibilities of a SAP consultant:

Client Consultation:

SAP consultants work closely with the clients to understand their needs and design the most appropriate SAP solution to meet their demands. This entails reviewing business procedures, locating weak points, and suggesting enhancements. 

Creating Solutions:

By using SAP softwares, consultants can create customized solutions for the clients. This includes setting up the programme to fulfill particular needs, creating unique reports and user interfaces and connecting SAP software with other relevant platforms. 

Implementing Solutions:

It is the responsibility of the SAP consultants to implement SAP software solutions in the clients’ system. It includes setting up, testing and educating the end user about the usage of SAP. 

Extending Support:

Once the SAP software has been installed in the clients’ system, a SAP consultant looks after attending to the queries and needs of the client relating to SAP software.

How can one become a SAP consultant?

Below are some of the steps that you may take to become a SAP consultant:

Have a graduation degree

It is essential to have a graduation degree in a computer related field to become a SAP consultant. Apart from this, the candidate may also have some certificate courses in a related field or business course as SAP consultants work closely with businesses to streamline their process and thereby push the efficiency rate further. 

Opt for SAP Training

By opting for a structured course of SAP, the candidate will develop basic understanding of Basis, CRM, SD, and MM, to name a few. It is most likely that you will attain a certificate at the end of the course, this will help you find suitable jobs in future as well. 

Having a Master’s degree is a plus

Although a lot of people start their professional journey right after graduation, having a master’s degree in a computer related field will be a plus. This will increase your chances of finding a suitable job in a shorter time as well as enhance your understanding while performing the task.  

Have prior experience in consulting

To become a successful SAP consultant, it is an advantage if you have some prior experience in consulting. It will help you cater better to the clients and serve them better thereby increasing your relevance for the role. 
To sum up, a SAP consultant is a good career option if the candidate is interested in implementation and customization of SAP software. It helps you align with a number of businesses and gain rich experience of working across industries and companies of varied sizes.
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