IT Support Analyst

For A Client Of Teamlease Digital

location 3 to 4 Years location 5,00,000 - 7,00,000 Per Year location Bangalore
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Job Description

● Someone who can play and explore with MacBook and Chromebooks.

○ Also someone who knows when to automate and when to share knowledge

instead.● Organically interested in IT

○ Basically someone who keeps up with technology trends organically and doesn’t

have to make a conscious effort to educate themselves. I want to see someone

who can see the troubleshooting path in their head before they even get control

of the users laptop.

○ Someone who can both follow a process and also contribute to further refining a


● Communication

○ Needs to be able to communicate and explain things clearly, a person who can

quickly grasp the knowledge level of the person they’re dealing with and adjust

their language accordingly.

○ Has to be able to balance between team communication and customer facing

communication (e.g. keep sarcasm within the team)

● Documentation

Design, write, and edit technical and process documentation, needs to contribute

knowledge on a regular basis to the IT Knowledge Base, FAQs, examples and

how-to’s for both our users and internally within ITX as well

● Leadership;

○ prefers to get to the root cause of a problem over implementing a work around

and then forgetting about the issue.

○ ability to drive issues to resolution

○ autonomy when working on projects

What you need to succeed

● Minimum of 3-4 years of experience working in the IT Field.

● Scripting / some sort of automation

○ need to show a preference towards removing a problem via technical means,

over putting a process in place (not saying this is a bad thing - just looking for a


● Networking / web fundamentals

○ must have a knowledge of TCP/IP, switching, routing, VPN, NAT, proxies, etc.

○ HTTP, SSL, cookies, auth tokens, APIs, etc.

● Analytical mindset

○ can flow through a problem very quickly and easily

○ if the candidate takes their time, that’s OK as long as they talk you through their

thought process (don’t be afraid to ask them to do so)

● Customer service

○ must be able to talk to people!

○ deal with stressful situations and individuals.

○ Passionate and a strong sense of urgency.○ Desire to empower customers to solve similar issues on their own in the future

● OS X (or linux/unix) - Operating Systems apart from Windows

○ Basic understanding of network logins, printing, connecting to file servers, using

the terminal, etc.

● Training / knowledge sharing

○ Always looks to raise others to their level via knowledge sharing and training.

○ Can write concise emails and documentation that can be shared with different

audiences (tech/customer facing)

Job Details

Role L1/L2 Support Engineer

Industry Type

Employment Type Contract

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About Company

TeamLease Services established in 2002, is one of India's leading human resource service companies in the organized segment. A Fortune 500 company listed on both NSE & BSE markets, with eight offices and 1400 clients across the country. The company at present has about 100,000+ live associates/ trainees spread across the country and have till date given employment to 1.5+ million people with an aim to hire millions more.

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