Service Offerings

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Staffing Solutions

One of the core offerings of TeamLease Digital, our staffing solutions are scalable, dynamic, agile and customized. If you’re under pressure to do more with less, experience short-term operational issues, or whether it’s part of your strategic plan, we can help you increase IT staffing solutions and skills required to achieve your business outcomes. Our technical experts and skilled problem solvers help you complete your technical engagements, whether on an ad hoc basis or through a long-term contract.

Few of our capabilities include :

  • Contingent workforce management
  • Rate card model
  • Mark up model
  • Fixed debate
  • Man Month Model

Managed Services

Our Managed Services offering has shown some of the best outputs with our clients and they continue to show their trust in us. We manage day to day responsibilities of the service operations which are outsourced to us. After a transition period, the services are offered within a well-defined scope and SLA for a fixed monthly fee. This is typically the mode of choice for maintenance activities and production support, because it permits more consistent budgeting together with high service levels, even for mid-size enterprises.

The following advantages of managed service are well known :

  • Predictable IT support costs.
  • Economies of scale allow the supplier to provide at a lower cost than the client organization could in-house (since the client shares costs with the supplier's other customers).
  • It is the supplier's responsibility to maintain a pool of employees with the required skills and expertise.
  • The client organization's liability is reduced.
  • Off-site or near-shore modes are possible

Staff Augmentation

TeamLese Digital can boost your current IT personnel with a wide range of professional skill sets designed to help augment your current IT operations. Our staffing augmentation solutions can provide both short-term and long-term assistance to meet your needs.


Project based hiring

The project based recruitment is growing day by day as we see developments of many new projects all around. At TeamLease Digital, we have a tendency to assist you in hiring contract employees to tackle your immediate desires. If you're looking for project based hiring, we can assist you in it.


Managing contracts, suppliers and delivery of work can be a tedious process. At TeamLease Digital we offer a Statement of Work (SOW) management service that aims to eliminate risk and augment returns by contractually defining the project scope, objectives, timelines and deliverables. Your Statement of Work (SOW) is intended to give you visibility and consistency with every one of your projects, outlying milestones, timelines, valuing and the specific roles and duties of your engineering specialists. By including this information inside a Statement of Work (SOW), it considers the provider responsible for the execution and delivery of this work. Each Statement of Work (SOW) will have its own particular categories, there is not a one size fits all management solution. TeamLease Digital intends to work with you to make an individual Statement of Work (SOW).


Contract Staffing

TeamLease Digital has wide offerings to hire, train, deploy and manage the contingent workforce of its clients. Companies’ workplace dynamics and necessities have changed drastically compared to the job market many years back. Businesses typically would like experienced force to modify the ebbs and flows of the industry’s demands. In several such cases, temporary staffing has tried an improved resolution. Organisations take into account temporary staffing after they have projects that need help to facilitate long-term commitments. This helps in creating the corporate agile to the requirements of the market whereas creating the corporate lean and therefore the force compliance management straightforward. The addition of short staff is thought to reinforce geographic point morale and infrequently results in purposeful hires.